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Pickman 2 Door Classic 4kW in White

Pickman 2 Door Classic 4kW in White

The Pickman electric pickup truck is manufactured by Kaiyun Motors in China and imported by its subsidiary Kylectric Motors to the United States. Offering a torquey 4kW AC motor, 70 mile range per charge with carrying and towing capacities of a full sized pickup, our innovative patented modular design allows for class leading safety construction, creature comforts and low running costs during its life cycle. Accessible and easy to use, the Pickman product line is the beginning of many focused transportation solutions for running daily errands and utility needs. This truck is equipped with the optional bed rack system and its trunk bed measures 63" x 48" with overall dimensions of 5.3' tall, 4.5' wide, 11.4' long and 1500 pounds.

    $9,999.00 Regular Price
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