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Who Are We And How Does This Work?

At Tailored Source, we aim to simplify your sourcing, development and merchandising process. We come from more than 20 years of collective experience in sourcing, merchandising and international business. We have sold to or worked with Walmart, Target, Costco, Buybuy, Staples, Lowe's, Autozone, Pepboys, Amazon, TOMO, and etc...Our goal is to provide a more personal, direct, transparent and honest approach to sourcing, developing and merchandising than what is currently on the market. Whether you have an idea or if you have an existing product or business, contact us and see how we can help!


We have recently launched one of our branded items under the Tailored Source umbrella: ESS. ESS is a consumer products brand which stands for essentials and our goal is to procure the consumer market's innovative, feature packed and likely never seen before products. 

We have also recently partnered with Kylectric Auto Inc to export their Kaiyun Pickman model electric utility pickup trucks outside of China. Introducing the Pickman trucks and its subsidiaries! Built and designed to fit the needs of each market, we are focused on providing the best value, customer service and innovation to society. From developing patented powertrains and transmissions to designing attractive exterior and ergonomic interior features, we are geared to offer the best solutions for you. Unchain yourself from the boundaries of gas stations and look ahead to the future of electric locomotion. Starting at the same cost that the average American paid per year to own a new vehicle, there will be a new paradigm shift in vehicle ownership, usage and community transportation culture. 

At Tailored Source, we offer our simple services in both product sourcing, commercial and residential real estate. Joseph is a CA licensed Realtor specializing in southern California investments and full service listings. From finding the real estate to starting your business, finding the products and merchandising, Tailored Source has experience and resources in all fields to accomodate your needs. To help you to spec the exact product(s) you are seeking by providing the best factory and forwarders that will appropriately fit your target price and ship dates. We offer a one stop, simple and direct platform to better understand what you need. All you need to do is fill out the following forms and within 5 business days we will provide the sources that best fit your needs:

  1. Product Form: tells us all the info we need about your company and the product(s) you are looking for. 

    • Pictures / like items (Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao, etc.)​

    • Specs and finishes

    • Target price

    • Quantities

    • Custom design / tooling 

    • Is this your invention? Patented? 

  2. Artwork and Packing Form: tells us the type of artwork, packing types and finishes for your packaged goods.

    • Choose to upload your own artwork: (.PDF / .AI / .PSD etc.)​

    • Choose design templates from our menu *coming soon*

    • Custom design / finishes

  3. Freight & Shipping Form: tells us which ports in the world you want to ship out of, expected delivery date(s), how and where this shipment will be delivered to.

    • Direct import or domestic options

    • Ocean or Air delivery

    • Delivery dates

  4. Additional Services include:

    • Product merchandising design and / or consultation

    • Artwork and packing design and / or consultation

    • Shipping consultation (direct import, air freight, managing mixed containers, etc.)

    • On-site quality inspection with detailed reports

    • Patents and Trademarks

    • 24/7 chat services

After the forms are complete, together, we will complete a sales contract to protect product information, factories, forwarders and intellectual properties shared between the parties involved. 

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